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Direct UK Deals own and operate a number of highly successful online sites which specialise in providing products to the trade. Our objective is simple: bring together the best of the offline and online worlds to deliver reliable, friendly and professional service, but at the low prices which people have come to expect of online sites. We do that by employing expert people and best-in-class technology, and we are already seeing the results both in our levels of customer satisfaction and our growth. Please have a browse around this site and around our individual shops - we would love for you to join our very happy band of customers!

Mitsubishi Jet Towel Discussions

We were fortunate enough to meet with members of the design and...

31st Oct
Mitsubishi Electric HQ

Biodrier Business2 Hand Dryer Data Sheet

The Business2 hand dryer from Biodrier is one of the best kept...

14th Oct
business2 hand dryer from Biodrier

The Warner Howard Airstream Hand Dryer – Data Sheet

The Warner Howard Airstream, (which comes with a PHS badge because Warner...

10th Oct
Warner Howard Airstream Hand Dryer

Data Sheet – Kangarillo 2 hand dryer

The Kangarillo 2 hand dryer from Handy Dryers is a big improvement...

25th Sep

Data Sheet – Biodrier Biolite Hand Dryer

The Biolite hand dryer from Biodrier is probably the best value hand...

23rd Sep
Biodrier Hand Dryer

What does DDA compliance mean for hand dryers in your washroom?

We often get asked whether a particular hand dryer is ‘DDA compliant’...

19th Sep
DDA Compliance

Data Sheet – Airdri Quad Hand Dryer

The Airdri Quad, (the hand dryer formerly known as the Elite) is...

19th Sep
Airdri Quad Dryer

Data Sheet – Excel XLerator Hand Dryer

The XLerator, a US-made dryer, was the first modern dryer to achieve...

19th Sep
Excel Dryers XLerator

Hand Dryer Drying Times – what’s going on?

The specifications sheets issued by each hand dryer manufacturer for each of...

18th Sep
hand drying times